Assembly Instructions

The assembly of our products is easy, also because they arrive pre-assembled by you. Obviously, it takes a bit of manual skill and patience. Generally, 2-3 people are likely to mount a structure in less than an hour. Our operators need 45 to 60 minutes depending on the characteristics of the models. Look at our assembly guides and you will realize that you too can do it without too much effort.

PRODUCT ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS tecniche - montaggio/QEEQ-IT-2019 -Schede Techiche Prodotti.pdf tecniche - montaggio/istruzioni montaggio/QEEQ-2019-Istruzioni Montaggio-Day-Bed-Beatrice-Bianca-Arianna.pdf

Gazebo Beatrice - Bianca

Pergola Beatrice - Bianca

Pergola Addossata Telo Fisso Beatrice Bianca

Pergola Addossata Beatrice - Bianca

Pergola Ombreggiante Beatrice

Pergola Ombreggiante Beatrice - Bianca - Arianna

Pergola Ombreggiante Flora

Pergola Ombregginate Flora

Pergola Telo Retraibile Beatrice - Bianca

Pergola Rettrattile Beatrice - Bianca - Arianna - Cloè

Pergola Addossata Retrattile Beatrice - Bianca - Arianna

Pergola Addossata Rettrattile Beatrice - Bianca - Arianna

Pergola Retrattile Elena

Pergola Retrattile Elena

Pergola Modulare Dafne

Pergola Modulare Dafne

Pergola Mono

Pergola Retrattile Mono

Day-Bed Beatrice - Bianca - Arianna

Day-Bed Beatrice - Bianca - Arianna